Satellite Fire Detection

With traditional modes of detection, the cost of firefighting efforts are demanding, the long-term logistics exhausting, and the results hit-and-miss. Tanka uses incorruptible, highly accurate, and indisputable artificial intelligence to see fire and automate your ability to fight it — with solid confirmation and no doubling back, there are no: false starts, human errors, mobilization delays, or gambling with resources.

With MinKing , manage corporate risk and public expectation while minimizing the ecological footprint of industry and human activity.

The constant dynamic view (every 5-15 minutes) afforded by our global network of satellites and sensors form the world’s most precise vantage point. This network of verified, continually-refreshed data, pattern and hotspot detection, and automatic alerts helps our clients (governments, corporations, and land watchers) to see clear and act fast.

This is a satellite image of Santa Clarita, California where fires are burning.

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